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More and more cities of Ukraine are covered in the Internet, is no exception and Severodonetsk, on whose territory there are several web cameras aimed at the sleeping area and the main objects. The device, given its location, does not completely cover the area of the sleeping area, but for broadcast you can learn a lot for themselves new and meet remotely with one of the parts of the city. In the area are mainly multi-storey buildings, only larechki shops and stop are one-story. The city administration strictly follows the appearance of the streets, so that there are new walkways and green spaces that actively absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen to the atmosphere, so necessary to the people. Webcam on top of the covers buildings of the district, so more to see the yard near the high-rise buildings and pedestrians is difficult. The device works round the clock in real time, thanks to the webcam you will always be aware of weather conditions and environment in the covered area as a whole. At night the stream is not terminated, only the picture quality becomes worse and the shot fall exclusively burning Windows of high-rise buildings and traveling on the roads and yards of the car.

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