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Monument "Tank" in the city – the echoes of war, which it was decided to establish here, that people are not forgotten and always remembered the horrors that had to endure their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. It is difficult to imagine how the architects managed to drive a car on high, and strengthen its position. Near the monument from time to time people gather, there are benches for cultural conversations, a small Park area. Around the monument are signs which can be observed with a web camera installed here. The shooting device is in real time, around the clock, so you always have the operative information not only about weather conditions, but also occurring on the territory of the monument. The device, as the square in front of the monument, have a powerful light source, so in the evening, the recording quality deteriorates. Behind the monument there is an office building, and if it is better to look often visible flying above him birds that sometimes feed the townspeople.

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