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See on webcam Parking at the Bravo store on Artema and watch the weather in Slavyansk

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About webcam "Parking at the Bravo store on Artema" in Slavyansk

The city of Slavyansk has a developed infrastructure, on its territory is home to several thousand people, so there is organized high-quality roads, Parking areas for road transport, built hospitals and schools, in General, everything is done to ensure that local residents and visitors feel comfortable within the city. Many large and not large settlements on the territory of Ukraine are covered in the Internet, first web camera was installed to monitor the objects and events they narrow circle of people, now the circle has expanded considerably broadcasting act to the Internet absolutely for free. One of the cameras out on the Parking lot of the store Bravo for Artyom, it is widely used by motorists, so it is important that its work can be tracked by the camera. This is a unique opportunity anywhere to see your own car, broadcast it helps to be more confident in the safety of the vehicle, but in addition, the webcam gives an opportunity in advance to see whether there is free space in the Parking lot. Thanks to this Luggage a motorist can save their time and not worry about a car parked in the Parking lot. The webcam works in real time, live broadcasts are continuously maintained. At night, the video feed stops, but the recording quality becomes a little worse due to the lack of the device to night mode. Video can be viewed anywhere in the world, the only condition is a device for reproducing a video signal and a quality connection to the Internet.

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