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The main branch of the city concerns mechanical engineering. Slavyazhmash heavy equipment manufacturing plant, which produces chemical equipment for the production and use of coke for enterprises in Lipetsk, Kemerovo and Cherepovets. Its products are used in Mariupol, Krivoy Rog, Donetsk and Kamensk. Machine-building plant "Betonmash", producing concrete mixing plants, spare parts for mining equipment and metal structures, parts for coke ovens. The factory provides foundry services for enterprises of Donetsk region, Kharkiv region, Dnipropetrovsk region. Slavonic mechanical plant, which employs about four hundred people. It produces chemical equipment for the production of coke, as well as bridge cranes and other equipment. These objects are important for the existence of the city, like the market of SATU, where you can buy everything you need. It is famous for its large assortment of goods and its own dimensions. Every day through the market there are about a thousand people who come here to buy things, food and household chemicals. View and evaluate the market in real time can be through the lens of the web camera, which is located directly opposite it.

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