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Sokal is a city located on the Bug River in the Lviv region in the west of Ukraine. It serves as an administrative center in the Sokal district. Population: 21,386 (2013 estimate). The first written mention of Sokal comes from 1377. In 1424 he received the rights of Magdeburg from the prince Mazovia Zimovit, and in 1462 the city became part of the Belz province, as the province of Little Poland Polish crown. On August 2, 1519, the Polish-Lithuanian army under Hetman Constanti Ostrozky lost the battle with the Crimean Tatars here, after which the city was completely burnt by the invaders. Later Mikolaj Saint-Sarzinsky devoted one of his poems to this battle. The city remained in Poland until the first partition of Poland, when it was annexed by the Habsburg Empire as part of Galicia. It was the capital of the Sokal district, one of the 78th Bezmirshaftmanshaften in the Austrian province of Galicia (Crown land) in 1900. After the First World War, the fate of this province was contested between Poland and Soviet Russia. In the second Polish republic, Sokal was the seat of the county in Lviv voivodeship. Sokal lay on Polish territory before the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. From September 1939 to June 1941, he was part of the Soviet territory, which returned here in July 1944. The western part of the city (the former village of Zhvirki) remained in Poland between 1944 and 1951. Before the Holocaust, Sokal had a Jewish population of 6,000, of which only 30 survived. The Soviet army again captured the city in July 1944. To see the city council in real time online can be through an installed web camera.

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