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In the early 17th century a large baroque monastery of Bernardine monks was built here, as well as the Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary. The complex is located in the area of ​​Zhvirki, and before World War II, it housed a picture of Our Lady of Sokala, which was attended by Catholic pilgrims. Here Ian Ostrogor, one of the first Polish humanists, is buried. After the war the painting was moved to the church in Khrusheshov, and the monastery turned into a prison. On March 27, 2012, due to the negligence of the Ukrainian prison authorities, the historic complex was almost completely burned. The mosque was the city of the holy Jewish rabbi Shmuel Roqueach and his son Shulem. Reb Shmuel was buried in Sokal, and his son survived World War II. Omelan Pleshkevich, co-founder of the Ukrainian Selfreliance Credit Union in Chicago and president of the World Council of Credit Unions of Ukraine, was born near Sokal and graduated from high school there. Sokal is home to Polish scientists Mechislav Klimovich and Cheslav Ernas, as well as the actor Mechislav Swazicki. Sokalsky is the place of the discovery of the Lithella Blessing novel, which takes place immediately after the German invasion of the USSR of Poland in June 1941. Today, you see the Sich Rifle Square, thanks to a web camera installed here and working online.

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