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On the territory of Ternopil there are many wonderful places for rest and an undeniable advantage among them is the beach on the "Gypsy". In the summer, there are always a lot of local residents who came to refresh themselves and bask in the white sand. Even the picture shown here shows that the beach is not fully equipped for a quality rest, but it does not bother anyone, unity with nature adds pleasant memories later. The web camera works here around the clock, like everyone else on the territory of this city. At night, shooting continues to go and the picture still arrives to the network completely free of charge, but the picture quality is lost due to the lack of lighting sources. The broadcast shows that the coastline is quite long and wide to accommodate a large number of holidaymakers. The sun and blue clear water - the main thing that attracts the attention of tourists. This is not officially recognized as a resting place, lifeguards are only on the Far Beach, but there is no place to fall in the season and the apple. In general, the territory around the pond is never empty, the townspeople come here with whole families, that's why all places are not enough. You can make sure of everything that was said on your own, thanks to the operational information from the broadcast.

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