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Beautiful Ternopile embankment "Gypsy" in the summer is full of vacationers. Mostly it's the locals, but there are also tourists who just travel, enjoying the beauty of different countries. Not so long ago, the embankment was repaired, made it more comfortable, safe and attractive. The authorities are constantly attracting attention to this place and have already opened a European walking zone. Pleased and surprised here are created slides for skateboarders, but here sit on a bench next to them do not advise if you want to relax in silence. The dancing fountain attracts not only the attention of children and adults, fishermen like to sit on their dock on the dock. To see and make the first acquaintance with the object it is possible by means of translation, which is fed from there through the lens of the installed web camera. The device works around the clock, the picture quality is excellent and allows you to evaluate only a small part of the waterfront, laid paving tiles. After sunset, there is no decrease in activity, but the webcam can no longer transfer the events with the same clarity. The reason for everything is the diffuse nature of artificial light. At any other time, the camera will be a good helper, through it you can find out the weather and the mood of holidaymakers on the waterfront.

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