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The webcam has become not only one of the main assistants of the human in the field of communication, but also allowed to open a huge world around it. These devices are able to send high-quality video to the Internet in real time. All broadcasts are free and do not require any special skills to connect. On the territory of the city of Ternopil, which is located in Ukraine, is a large number of devices in its various regions. This picture is submitted from the City Council and the Prosecutor's Office. The video is not only round-the-clock, but also in real time, which means that all the data in the picture is operative and reliable. The webcam is not equipped to work in the dark, this is one of the reasons why, after sunset, the quality deteriorates slightly and only those areas on which the lights stand are visible. Territory before the prosecutor's office and the council is an ordinary street with a sidewalk path and a flat asphalt road. Here you can freely park, and the broadcast will allow you to watch the car at any time. It does not matter what your geographic position is, the broadcast will be available in any country, the main thing is to have a stable connection to the network. This is an excellent opportunity to access the place to find out the necessary information, weather conditions and even the presence of traffic jams, if at all possible in Ternopil.

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