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Exaltation of the cross Church on the territory of the Ukrainian city of Ternopil, just one of its ornaments. Its construction dates back to 1847 year, when the site of the modern metropolis stood a village. Few people know that this settlement was built on the Yaroslavl road. It was one of the main tracts of the time. The first documentary mention dates back to 1470 and then according to history, was executed participants of the coup led by Prince Khovansky. Today the appearance and landscape of the place has changed, the Church has acquired a completely different meaning and increased in size. To see her and where she is through the lens of the installed webcam. Day the picture is clear and bright enough to consider all the details. Before the object runs the main road from intercity bus services. Having peered into a picture that broadcast hard not to notice the passing buses and other transport. Not all the building enters the frame of the camera, on the left you can see the water surface of the local pond and leaving on the road, but the building has an amazing architecture and is built in the Empire style.

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