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Extreme Park is not just an amusement park on the territory of Ternopil, but a special object that was created for young people who are keen on extreme sports. This is a well-equipped area that fully meets the safety requirements. In Western Ukraine, this is one of the largest multi-profile parks, where everyone will find a suitable projectile for himself. You can now see it with the help of the web camera stopped here. Broadcast is served to the network around the clock, anyone who is interested in an object can activate video on a laptop, PC or phone. Geographical position on the quality of the image does not affect, the main thing is only to have a stable connection to the network. A slightly remote web camera lens from this perspective almost completely covers the object, but to consider in detail its equipment will not succeed. Here come skateboarders and those who do cycling and many others. It is not necessary to collect a whole team, you can train alone, there will be enough space for everyone. About forty famous athletes from the territory of Ukraine visited the opening of the park and all participants noted the excellent equipment of the new site. The size of the park is 40 by 20 meters, until the lighting on it is only planned so that people can use the park and in the evening, but while there is nothing to show in the dark and the camera.

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