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Throughout the territory of Ternopil there are about 30 web cameras that let you know the maximum useful information about it. Cameras are useful for those who are just curious or want to move here for permanent residence. All of them work around the clock in real time, none of them have a night mode, so the absence of flashlights leads to a deterioration in the quality of the broadcast. The lens of this web camera is aimed at Hrushevsky Street, which is considered one of the main transport arteries in the city. From the picture you can estimate the width of the sidewalk and the quality of the road. Every meter is planted with trees, a little camera on the right captures the buildings. People will not be able to see people, for more coverage the device was installed at altitude, therefore people seem only small figures. Video can be viewed anywhere in the world, you only need to have high-quality access to the network.

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