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About webcam "The city Council session hall" in the city Ternopol

Modern administrations and city councils have become more open about their activities. In many offices began to install web cameras with live broadcasts available for ordinary users in real time on the network. The camera of this broadcast is directed to the City Council session hall, where many issues of urban importance are solved. It almost completely covers the room, you can see the seats and microphones. One of the places where the population is not tolerated, only in rare cases at the meetings there are journalists. The web camera installed here works around the clock, even when there is no one in the room, the shooting continues and you can simply evaluate the interior. Broadcasting is popular mainly among residents of Ternopil, however, users from other countries do not rarely come to see the session hall. The quality of the shooting is excellent, the picture in an unchanged form is transmitted to everyone who watches the broadcast. On the computer, the player makes it possible to deploy the broadcast to the full screen, which allows you to view the room and the faces of the meeting participants in detail.

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