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About webcam "The Heart Of The City" in the city Ternopol

Not all the objects that today broadcast web cameras installed in the city of Ternopil are cultural or attractions. There are usual areas, nothing remarkable: bus stops, abandoned buildings, but all of them and information about them gives a clearer picture of the city to network users. This web camera displays a round-the-clock broadcast from the street Trolleybus. In the frame comes the road and the stop and even a little shops along the sidewalk. The webcam is available at any time to each user completely free. To watch the video, you need to have a stable connection to the network. A few meters from the camera is a lamppost, but its lighting is not enough to give a good picture and after sunset. If you look closely, the street is quite straight and far ahead. This is one of the main in the city, so here and there was a web camera installed. Broadcasting is used not only by people from other cities, but also by local residents. It provides reliable and timely information about what is happening within the camera lens.

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