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On the territory of the Ukrainian city of Ternopil has many attractions and places where I like to come not only tourists but also locals. Different objects have their own character and architecture, sometimes it is difficult to compare by looking at them that they are located within the same space. One of the worthy representatives of urban infrastructure is considered to be the Theatre square, the view from the height on it you can have installed there is a web camera. This amazing beauty of the spectacle lens covers a huge area downstairs. In the frame of online translation falls theatre building and the area as a whole and even the area around. Stream is completely free for users, it is active day and night and only night picture can deteriorate. The webcam will be the first assistant of the user who wants to learn more and to see this object. Here, the height is clearly seen as improved, city maintained streets. The whole square is covered with paving slabs, you can see human silhouettes, but when you zoom in to examine them in detail is not possible.

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