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Pilgrims and devotees people spend a lot of time travelling, they didn't spend it on visiting beaches, entertainment centers, and prefer to spend in the temples, who built the Orthodox Church in different cities around the world. And such tourism is quite interesting and useful not only for physical health but also mental. On the territory of Ternopil, which is in Ukraine, is located the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin. It is a huge area and is one of the largest, here arrive every day dozens of pilgrims, and in the big Church holidays in its territory going to a few thousand people. Early to see the temple, it was necessary to arrive on the territory of Ukraine, but due to recent events some people are afraid to do it, though interest has not dried up. For these believers and all others nearby were installed a web camera, with which now anybody can see the temple and to consider its structure. The device captures belonging to the temple building and grounds in this case. The shot misses the driveway entrance. It is particularly interesting to observe what is happening in the great Church holidays, it's the device gives you quality sound from the event. The webcam works in real time around the clock, after dark, the number of parishioners reduced and the quality of the broadcast is much worse. This happens due to the lack of powerful source of light over the entire area of the temple.

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