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The construction of the city of Ternopil began in the distant 1570, when there was erected a castle on top of a hill. Over time, strong stone walls washed the transparent waters of the artificially created lake, but the castle itself became the western line of defense in times of ongoing wars. The built dam was a real assistant to the local people, there was an opportunity to fish and after many years the lake turned into a real fiefdom. Of course, over time Ternopil lost its defensive importance and turned into a peaceful city. Now it boasts a large number of parks, attractions. Some areas of Ternopil shoot web cameras, broadcast from them is fed in real time. Any user has the opportunity to get acquainted with the city, see Pirogov Street and some intersections, park areas, embankment. The web camera from this angle captures only a small part of the Pirogov street. Its bend is visible, small shops on the asphalt and a pavement path. The nearest buildings fall into the frame only partially, mostly it's their lower part. Web camera allows you to know the weather on-line, the incidents on the covered object or simply follow the life of the city in real time.

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