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Shevchenko Boulevard in Ternopil enjoys little popularity among young people. People come here to spend time with their friends, take a walk after the sunset and relax with their children. This is a fairly large by modern standards, the object on the territory of which the administration strictly monitors the cleanliness and order. Throughout the length of the boulevard there are rubbish bins, flowerbeds and benches have been built. You can admire the boulevard through the camera lens, which was decided to install there. After its placement on the lamppost, the picture began to enter the network completely free of charge in online mode. Shooting is conducted around the clock, but after darkness, quality is reduced, and the reason for all is the lack of artificial light. Broadcasting will be useful for local people and people around the world. Through it you can get acquainted with one of the cities of Ukraine, see how the day passes on the covered facility. In summer, the green buildings hide the residential buildings of the sleeping area, in winter and autumn they are perfectly visible in the background. Do not know what the weather in Ternopil and do not trust the Hydrometeorological Center, then this broadcast will be your best assistant. There are no delays in submitting a picture to your device, everything happens in real time.

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