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In 1548, the King of Poland also gave permission to create a pond near the suburb of Tarnopol Kutkovets. In 1549 the city managed to withstand the siege of the Tatars by the efforts of the Polish princess Evdokia Czartoryska. After the death of the crown hetman in 1561, Tarnopol became the property of his son Jan Krzysztof Tarnowski, who died in 1467 as childless. Since 1567 the city belonged to the daughter of the crown of Hetman Zofia Tarnovskaya, who was married to Constantine Basil Ostrozhsky. In 1570, after her death at birth, Tarnopol was transferred to the Ostrogsky family. In 1575 it was plundered by the Tatars. In 1623 the city passed to the family of Zamoyskys. In 1589, Tarnopol visited the Austrian diplomat Erich Lassota von Stebleau, who also mentioned the castle of the city. The Ternopil castle was rebuilt in the 19th century as a palace. In the 17th century, the city was burned in the Khmelnytsky uprising when most of its Jewish residents were expelled or killed. Tarnopol was almost completely destroyed by the Turkish forces of Ibrahim Shishman Pasha in 1675 and rebuilt by Alexander Konetspolsky, but did not regain its former glory until he moved to Mari Kazimir, the wife of King John III Sobieski in 1690. Later, the city was destroyed for the last time by the Tatars in 1694, twice by Russians during the Great Northern War in 1710 and by the Polish Succession War in 1733. In 1747, Jozef Potocki invited the Dominicans and founded the beautiful late Baroque Dominican Church (today the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Ternopil-Zboriv Diocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church). The city was looted during the Confederation of Lawyers (1768-1772) by the Confederates, the Tsarist army and the Russians. In 1770, he was devastated by a smallpox outbreak. In 1772, after the First partition of Poland, the city fell under Austrian domination. In 1809, after the war of the Fifth Coalition, he fell under the rule of Russia, was included in the newly created Ternopil region. In 1815 the city (then from 11,000 inhabitants) returned to Austrian rule in accordance with the Vienna Congress. In 1820, the Jesuits expelled from Polotsk, the Russians created a gymnasium in Tarnopol. In 1843, the last owner of the town, Erzhi Michal from Turkul, sold to the city his residents for 175,000 florins. In 1870, the railway line connecting Ternopil with Lviv, accelerating the growth of the city. At that time, about 25,000 people lived in Tarnopol. The web camera today lights up around the clock on-line the central entrance to the Cathedral.

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