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About webcam "The Area Of Stepan Bandera" in the city Ternopol

Stepan Bandera Square in the Ukrainian city of Ternopil is located in its center near the building of the regional state administration. This is one of the entrances to Shevchenko Park, but legally the area is separated from it. The monument was opened in 2008 in honor of the centenary of the nationalist leader. After the judicial order of the President of Ukraine to abolish the appropriation of the title of hero to this person, the area decided to leave and carry out repairs on it. As a result, the monument was ennobled, created around the green zone. You can look at the object today from anywhere in the world, just have a quality connection to the network at hand. The webcam, installed that one and directed by the lens on the area, works around the clock in real time. Online broadcasting is available for viewing for free, which is its undeniable advantage. Of course, the entire area can not be captured, but this is enough to get acquainted with the area. At night, shooting is difficult because of the lack of the necessary amount of artificial light. The best time to watch the broadcast day is when the sun perfectly illuminates the object.

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