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Travel by car is becoming increasingly popular among young drivers. There are many reasons for this, you can see the world, make a lot of fascinating pictures. Abroad traveling by cars is quite a normal vacation, they are preparing for it no less than to fly. To make it easier for users to navigate the roads far from home, in some areas they installed web cameras with free access to broadcasts. This survey is conducted from the entrance to the city of TerkoAvto. Web camera covers a large area ahead, if you look closely, it's hard not to see. As the route goes far ahead, on the broad shoulder of the right are cars and police crews. Not a single lantern on this site, so at night the video is darkened, only the lights of cars passing by and not more than that are visible. In the daytime you can get more information about the object, there is no road marking here, no signs, which makes it easier for the driver to go. Over the route, small maintenance services have been built. They are visible in the distance when the picture is enlarged, as is the cafe for those who go further and Ternopil is only one of the destinations.

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