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Despite the fact that there are many parks on the territory of Ternopil, there are not many architectural attractions here. Despite this, the fact that there is a romantic and original image of the modern city. Among the most popular places is the Teatralnaya Square, where you can go rollerblading or feed pigeons. There is evidence that after the war this city was badly damaged, some buildings had to be almost completely restored, so it was not possible to find out to historians what had previously been on the site of the square. Only in the 50's the authorities decided to build a drama theater and a square to it, to see in what form it exists now it is possible through the broadcast from the installed web camera. Video is sent to the network around the clock, the quality is high, all the data in real time. It is difficult not to notice that this is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, and not long ago, they carried out restoration work. From the theater the path with the arch, which is considered the beginning of the square, departs forward. The shops were hidden under the shade of trees, the whole territory is beautifully landscaped, and its pedestrian zone is laid with paving slabs. There are also original monuments, for example, a female sculpture, it can not be seen from the camera lens.

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