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In comparison with small Russian cities in Ukrainian, more is being done for the development of children's sports, so it is not uncommon to meet a sports ground and a volleyball field, a hockey field or any other that can be operated for free. All this is done so that children can lead an active lifestyle and their sporting activities are not limited to the financial capabilities of their parents. For those who do not believe in such a development in Ternopil, we suggest that you watch the broadcast from this web camera and make sure with your own eyes how much is done for children there. This video comes in real time from the sports field. It is fully staffed with everything necessary and it's hard not to notice this. For parents, broadcasting from here can become an assistant in the matter of controlling their own child. Although the camera and a little removed from the object itself, you can see a person on the site, especially if you zoom in on the whole screen. The site is not illuminated, after dark it is rare here. The device is not designed for sketch in the dark, so the quality of the broadcast is lost as soon as the sun sets over the horizon.

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