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The area of ​​freedom (Will) is located on the territory of Ukraine in the picturesque year of Ternopil. It is a monument to Galitsky, in 2002 it took its place of honor after that. As the work on it was completed by the famous sculptor V. Rud. Not far from this chic place are the cells of the Dominicans, whose age dates from 1779. This monastery was badly damaged during the World War, restored in the aftermath it became a picture gallery. Now there is a monastery, and the Freedom Square is an excellent addition to it. To get acquainted with the object it is not necessary to personally come to Ternopil, it is enough to have a computer or phone at your fingertips and activate the online broadcast from the web camera installed there. The picture is clear and contrast, the lens is located at a height, where you can catch an excellent shot. The area in front of the user opens almost completely. On the right are the flower beds. Decorated by professional designers, a little ahead of the parking. Video can become an assistant when you need to look at the weather or the availability of parking spaces. At night, the broadcast is worse than the quality due to the lack of a night mode.

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