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The city administration is an integral part of the existence of any city. In the building people focus responsible for Executive power, able to resolve conflicts. In the city administration go for advice and assistance. In the town of Uman, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, opposite the administrative building is the webcam, allowing anyone to look at the area in front of the object and it is. The unit was established in order to promote the everyday life of the city, to show it from different sides. Stream is served to the Internet is freely available, anyone from any side of the planet having a handy device to play video and the Internet can see Uman own eyes, without spending a dime journey. The webcam works in real time, which in itself is interesting. You can include not only pictures, but sound, due to this, you will in no travel to Uman and begin to feel the spirit of this city. The webcam works around the clock, but after dark it becomes difficult to see, all because being in front of the administration lights illuminate only a limited space. Daytime feeding problems no image, recording quality allows you to see and the building and grounds before him in detail. To see the Parking lot at the administration building, driveway and more. If you work there, the webcam gives you a unique opportunity to determine the availability of Parking, so you save your own time.

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