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In many cities in Russia and Ukraine there is a square named after the leader of the people in the past, namely Lenin. The site contains several broadcasts, which displays the picture in different cities in the square, you can find them easily and to make a virtual trip by visiting just a couple of minutes several cities. In Uman, located on the territory of Ukraine, too, has a Central square named after Lenin, it is used by organizations and the city administration for cultural and political events. The demand for the area due to its size, it is the largest object with a flat pad on which you can simultaneously attend to several hundred people. Here set the scene for concerts in the open air, but by itself the area is no less popular among residents. The main decoration on the territory of the object is set in the middle of the monument to Lenin. Around him, the platform is laid with brick tiles, thanks to this here every day comes a large number of young people to ride bicycles, roller skates and just have fun with friends. Now everyone can see the area, simply turn on the stream there installed web camera. the picture is broadcast to the whole world, just to connect to the Internet and start the stream to explore the illuminated object for a closer look. The webcam works in real time, so if someone in your family or friends enters the frame then you will certainly see him being in any country of the world. In night time shooting quality deteriorates due to the lack of night mode and the necessary amount of light at the site.

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