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Most of the cities of Ukraine like any other country in the world are not famous, but they live their own lives, build infrastructure, expand. Even the fact that they are the center of a resort does not mean that their territory is not something to see, simply arrive at any visit, to be sure – everywhere there are amazing places where some are monuments, about which everybody has forgotten, and where nature, not requiring advertising. is the large influx of tourists and the Ukrainian city of Volchansk, although it has everything for a normal existence and even holding a good summer vacation. In the city centre, as traditionally there is a Central area used by the authority for public events, and citizens for walks. On its territory from the side you can clearly proslediti idea of a landscape architect, the boundary between the square and its Park area can be traced well, especially if you look at the object slightly from above. The area is ideal for Cycling, rollerblading, the surface is covered with asphalt, as is common in small towns. To see the object, it is sufficient to activate the stream from the web camera installed here. The webcam works in real mode, all information received from the operational. After sunset to see the details of the object will be rather difficult, it is on the camera has no night mode, but the rest of the time, everyone on the network has the opportunity to learn more about the illuminated object. This is a unique opportunity to travel the world without leaving your home, the webcam was able to broaden my horizons around the person and erased the boundaries of available knowledge. You can now watch the world in the end in real time and it is amazing.

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