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Lately the parents are trying to protect their own children, therefore creating the court on the territory of new playgrounds that meet safety standards, and the old one removed and hand over on scrap metal. Most of these sites are built on personal funds of residents of the house or under the assistance programme, but this is not so important, water only what's there to worry about for the child is not necessary. Playground in Central Park in the city of Volchansk is popular with local residents. To let go of her own children, some parents fear, but for greater security it was decided to put in a webcam, with which any user can watch the broadcast online. From this angle you can determine the advantages and disadvantages of the site, to assess the quality of its security. A webcam was installed here so that the person receives a maximum of useful information, so it is a bit removed from the square. The shooting is done around the clock, but due to the lack of the device to night mode after sunset, it becomes difficult to examine in detail the object. In one shot you can see the lights from the few lamps, but everything else remains hidden by the veil of darkness, but after the sunrise picture is available to you around the clock and completely free, regardless of your location. In the afternoon you are free to observe where your child is, even if he went on the platform with a relative. It's big enough for the size of the object, so the webcam was installed away from him to be able to capture almost all its territory.

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