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In many European cities there are buildings or structures which deserve the attention of every person because they are there, and thanks to their unique architecture. One of such facilities can rightly be called the Millennium Dome located in London. After a survey of tourists statistics concluded that this landmark is visited by nine out of ten visitors. It is not surprising that the dome is a unique and striking your imagination the spectacle, so those who were not there can only envy. But that was before, with the advent of the webcam, everything became much easier, now you can see the object is not in the picture, and in real time on the screen of your own computer. To commit such a free trip, you are required to have on hand a good connection to the Internet and a device capable of receiving video signal. The webcam works around the clock, even at night you can look forward to. Designers have created good installation around the dome, and the device was mounted so that the user could enjoy the resulting picture. In every time of the day, you will get different information, this data on the popularity of buildings by number of visitors, and in the evening enjoy landscape design features. travel with millions of other users on the network, do not deny yourself anything, especially since it is totally free and requires you only a few minutes of free time.

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