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Meerkats are amazing animals, which were used in the well-known cartoon, as the main characters. They live in large flocks in earthen burrows from which peep out when you need to get food. Their main distinguishing feature is timidity, any awkward movement or approximation of the real danger these animals are scattered in their burrows. People to be able to see meerkats in their natural environment they were placed in the zoo where children and adults have more opportunities to interact with animals, and they can not afraid of anything. This is a unique opportunity to give your child more knowledge about what surrounds it, and the web camera installed in front of the cage helps to get this information to people living all over the world completely free, you just have to have a computer and the Internet. Webcam almost completely covers the cage with the animals. Meerkats are those animals that will not give a natural environment for a long time looking at them, so the video stream is a good way to meet them. Man has created artificial conditions to observe their way of life, but not every city has a zoo where the meerkats can normally exist, the reason for this may be the wrong climate. Webcam in London gives you the opportunity not only to see the local zoo, but to watch these animals during the day, and day and night, take notes on how to change their behavior and how they behave in small flocks. The webcam works in real mode, day and night, though night time to consider animals not so simple. Zookeepers dim the lights and the animals go to sleep, so their activity is reduced. After dawn you will more than twelve hours to make their own observations and records about the lives of meerkats, it's silly not to take advantage of this opportunity.

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