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It is because in the UK there is the beach and the ocean, most people here have their own water transport, which is used not only as a pleasure for the tourists, but also for their own purposes. The locals used to relax in the sea, where they go fishing and just swim in the clear waters. Away from the impacting tourists. To accommodate marine traffic on the coastal line was created in the Harbor, her people put boats. It is protected from the common space of the sea and arranged to output, in whose territory it is strictly forbidden to bathe. To be able to see the object in front of it were installed webcam. Thanks to this broadcast, any person whose marine transport is in the field of view the device can monitor the integrity of the vessel. Webcam working around the clock in real time, which means all incoming information screen operational. You can check weather conditions, to assess how high the waves of the sea, the quality of the equipment within the harbour, the availability of the necessary facilities for mooring of the vessel and to obtain more useful information for yourself, if you spend some time to view.

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