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Aruba had not sweet, if we talk about the economic situation in the country. After they closed the plant, the government began to consider the development of the tourism industry in a few years after the area was fully equipped for receiving guests, Aruba was visited by two thousand of tourists. But it was all in the past, today the country is visited by more than 1.5 million people from around the world and this is not the end, because the landscaping continues to this day. The main thing that can offer Aruba diving, excursions under water, surfing and inspection of coral reefs, which are home to many inhabitants of the sea. Here is the beautiful and clean beaches, the government strictly monitors the cleanliness and order them together it's about forty different areas for relaxing near the water. To see it, not only coming here but also through web cameras installed on the territory of Aruba. Video broadcast from the beach, cafes and restaurants, hotel complexes, bars. Camera allow you to appreciate the advantages of this place, its equipment. Watch online video in real time you can from any point of the globe, enough to have a good connection to the Internet. Webcam working around the clock, so the user receives a maximum of useful information about nature. Culture and attractions of Aruba. Some devices are directed to streets that are world famous festivals of the country. If the trip is already planned, be sure to try the local cuisine, it is well adapted to the European, but has some highlights. Here you can enjoy spicy sauces, rare seafood, which are not consumed in other countries.

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