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About webcam "The view from the hotel on the sea" in the city Oranjestad

The view from the hotel on the sea in Oranjestad, located in North America, gives an excellent overview of the coastline, capturing a bit of the roof of the building and to a greater extent beach area. Can be clearly seen that at a few meters from the sea no vegetation on the beach decorated with tall palm trees. There is a small room for changing clothes, bars with drinks, a large number of Lounges for relaxing. Views of sea helps to evaluate the quality of the equipment of beach, and can be seen with the naked eye that around sand, and it is much important for those who prefer to spend the whole vacation on the beach. The picture in the webcam it will be difficult to determine the situation on the sea surface, but the vibrations of the leaves on the trees it will be possible to understand approximately, what is the weather in real time on the beach. The webcam works around the clock, but at night the lighting is almost none.

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