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In the Dominican Republic offer more than comprehensive, package tour to five-star resorts with their crowded beaches. If you want to skip the big hotel chains and voyage in the authentic and less commercialized Dominican Republic, the travel experts at Santo Domingo will introduce you to the Caribbean sea, which is beyond the typical tourist cards. Unlike the heavily developed beaches of Punta Cana or Boca Chica, the beaches of the Dominican Republic Bayahibe stunning, serene and virtually untouched. Allow this place to create tailor-made vacations, help plan your exciting wedding in the Dominican Republic and help to find the real Paradise lost. If you prefer in the evenings to spend time in the pool, this stream is a great example of how this can look like a beautiful pool at the hotel. Web camera broadcasts the picture of the clock, it is available online in any part of the world where there is connectivity to the Internet. It is a wonderful opportunity to draw their own conclusions as to what to look for from your vacation.

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