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Веб камера Доминиканы Кафе на побережье в районе Лас-Терренас

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Although the Dominicans occupied this site since 1606, only in 1751 they began to raise the present building, designed by the architect Antonio Masella Turin. June 29, was laid the Foundation stone of the temple, but the work has progressed steadily due to disagreements between the designer and religious order. From 1762 to 1779 years the construction works were resumed don Juan de Leikai and Torture as a major benefactor and Director of the project. The unfinished Church was consecrated on 17 October, 1783, and the architect Manuel Rocha Alvarez Masella continued the work. The following year the tower was completed. February 11, 1792, when collecting the necessary donations, began the Foundation of the convent of Santo Domingo. It was concluded in 1805, due to lack of further reports on the project costs. Sunday 1 July, because in the monastery there was no religious service, captain Santiago de Liniers and Bremont told fray Gregorio Torres, if he gets the protection of the virgin and return to the city, he will sacrifice flowers the invaders to the Church. The invasion force was defeated 12th day of the month, and Lingers donated the flags of the 24th number. They have since kept in the Church. Not only sights are popular, but also the local cuisine. Cafe on the seafront in Las Terrenas can be viewed in real time via a web camera, it is a pity that it is impossible to experience the scents of local dishes.

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