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Веб камера Чикаго Приют для больших собак

About webcam "A shelter for large dogs" in the city Chicago

North America is full of various features, for example, in this small town of Chicago there are a large number of cameras in various parts of the city. One of these cameras, we decided to share with you, and she leads directly to a large and, perhaps, the best shelter for large dogs. Why for the big? It simply contains adult dogs or rather large individuals. What can be more pleasant than watching the dogs that actively frolic in the shelter, play and just enjoy life. It's enough just to observe this shelter a bit and the mood will improve immediately. The main feature of the shelter are the dogs themselves, which can not sit in one place, of course, sometimes they are taken to the cells and there they spend most of the time resting and eating their sweets. And sometimes they are all taken to the main playground, where they can be played, have fun and frolic. This period is the best and most interesting for close observation. Each dog is special, has a personal character and tries with all his might to get the most out of a personal walk. Sometimes employees come out to them and play along with the dogs, offer toys and simply discharge the situation. As you can see, each dog has a collar, each has a howling master, just some go far and give the dogs to the shelter for the time of absence. So do not be surprised if you see a dog that is sad and lying without moving, he just misses his masters. But mostly the little dogs frolic, play and just please the eye. Now you can also be charged with positive energy and try to get the maximum pleasure from watching the doggies. Now you will know exactly where and how to spend your free time. We wish you a pleasant viewing and a great mood!

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