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Веб камера США Чикаго Северо-Западный университет (Скала)
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About webcam "Northwestern (Rock)" in Chicago

United States of America are famous not only for McDonald's, Broadway and other attractions, people come here to get quality education. Indeed, in different States of the country are universities and colleges that offer foreign tourists a good grants for their further education. To choose University students begin to examine them long before the coming entrance exams. Education in America is very different from that established in other countries, graduates have to write multiple letters and resumes to different educational institutions to the beginning of the year to go to one of them. From all over the world students want to get into US universities, they are studying institution remotely, and to help them not only information online, but the webcam-stream. To see the country stay within their own apartment, simply activate the live broadcast installed there in the cities of Webcams. Watch camera can any Internet user they are totally free enough to have a good network connection. In online mode, you can explore the country and see the real life of the local population. This unit overlooks the northwestern University of Chicago, survey aimed at the territory of the institution and helps to learn more about the structure of the area around. In the frame of fall flower beds, walkway paving and street lamps in the campus. The device will be a good assistant in search of unknown information about the University, it will help to see how the reality is life in its territory.

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