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In 1853, one hut stood in Nopalera, by 1870 the agricultural community was flourishing and the region was known as the Cahuanga Valley, and it was, where and now, after the pass in the mountains of Santa Monica immediately to the north. According to the diary of HJ Whitley, known as the "Father of Hollywood", on his honeymoon in 1886, he stood on top of a hill, looking at the valley. A man appeared nearby, he left the van and bowed. He was asked what he was doing, and he replied that he was pulling out firewood. HJ Whitley had an epiphany, and he decided to name his new city Hollywood. "Holly" will represent England, and the "forest" will represent his Scottish heritage. Whitley agreed to buy 480 hectares, and then shared his plans for the new city with General Harrison Gray Otis, publisher of the Los Angeles Times, and Ivar Weid, a famous businessman in the area. By 1900, the region had a post office, a newspaper, a hotel and two markets. Los Angeles, with a population of 102,479 people, was 10 miles (16 km) east of the vineyards, fields of barley and citrus groves. A single-track tram line ran down the middle of the avenue, but the maintenance was infrequent and the trip took two hours. Today, modern Hollywood is a world famous city, where they want to become a star of the screen. He beckons to himself and kills not a few people who do not quite understand the nature of this place. Panorama from height to Hollywood is something unique. If there is no way to visit this place in person, then it's worth to see the webcast from the webcam, which is available online in real time.

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