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About webcam "Seaport, Vincent Thomas Bridge" in the city Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a unique and one of the most beautiful cities in North America. On its territory you can find a lot of things, it is both a fun adventure and an unforgettable experience and the unique nature and even the amazing urban landscape that can be enjoyed endlessly. One of the main attractions of this city is the bridge Vincent Thomas is indeed a unique structure. To assess the extent of which is difficult from the ground, it is better to look at it from the height of bird flight. This opportunity offers a mounted web camera, a lens which gives a view port on the bridge Vincent Thomas. In the afternoon, when the sun perfectly illuminates the area of the city, with the location of the webcam, the bridge can be seen in full, as well as the surrounding area. The device captures lens water surface under the structure, urban areas around the bridge and a small part of the port. The webcam works around the clock in real time. The picture is served to the Internet absolutely for free. Regardless of the location of the user access to view absolutely free. To allow the user to get the most useful information, for the web camera were carefully chosen position. At night you see a completely different picture, the whole town begins to play with different colors from the lit signage of shops and restaurants. The bridge as one of the main objects is also a small light installation.

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