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The modern coast of Coney Island can also be viewed through a web camera, from which a 24-hour online broadcast is available. According to the 2015 population census, Brooklyn is the most populous area of ​​New York, with a population of 2,636,735 residents. Another area on which it borders is Queens at the southwestern tip of Long Island. Kings County and Brooklyn had the same boundaries since 1896. The Brooklyn area will be the third most populous city in the whole of the United States, behind Chicago and Los Angeles, if New York decides to dissolve. Brooklyn was an independent united city and a previously authorized town and village until January 1, 1898, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the State of New York. He was united with the rest of the towns to form the city of New York after a long battle of public relations and political campaigns. According to the coldest isotherm of the month, which is about 32 ° F, Brooklyn is classified as a humid subtropical climate. The climate and weather of Brooklyn strongly depend on the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. There falls almost 50 inches of rain per year, so Brooklyn has a higher annual rainfall than most cities in the US. On average, the city of Brooklyn receives 234 sunny days each year. Brooklyn, New York - a very popular tourist destination - every year more than a million people visit the city due to its magnificent sights, beautiful flora and fauna, a wide range of parks, amusement parks, a museum, etc.

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