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About webcam "Disney Store in Times Square" in the city New York

Times Square, located on the territory of new York is a place that attracts not only tourists from other cities, but local residents thanks to the incredible energy and rhythm of life. There is always increased activity, people and cars trying to move quickly, subject to the General rhythm. Road as one of the main arteries of the city are often idle in traffic, but this does not mean that there is not much to look at, on the contrary, the campaign in times Square anyone not living here will cause a lot of pleasant experiences. This is one of the areas of the city, which is widely known thanks to the established on-site web cameras. Now, any user has the opportunity to see the city from different angles. This unit is installed in front of the Disney store in times Square. The camera covers the entrance to the store and the immediate surroundings. It is worth saying that the store is very popular among young city residents, and adults love to look here, because who doesn't love cartoons from Disney. Stream is fed in real time around the clock, at night the picture is not deteriorating, on the contrary, it is changing dramatically and for the better. Neon backlight give this place a special mystique, you can enjoy not only the view, but can see how changing the rhythm of life in the city. This is a unique opportunity for you to make fascinating travel in the world famous city, which certainly has its own charisma and uniqueness.

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