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About webcam "View from the harbour" in the city New York

New York attracts with its size, beauty, pace of life and of course the harbour, only to see it not everyone can. This one fails due to lack of time, other possibilities, because earlier dreams remained dreams. Today each of you has the opportunity to see the view from the harbour and it does not need to waste time and effort, simply enable the translation from the web camera installed there to enjoy the spectacle. You will be amazed at what the expanse opened in front of you since the beginning of the broadcast. The device provides real-time, so you are always informed and can monitor the change of scenery all day. But the views here are my eyes in the morning with the sunrise, in the afternoon when it is at its Zenith and in the evening, when sets. At night after the sun completely sets, the picture is deteriorating in the frame remain only the distant lights of the city. It is the day you can appreciate the building's scale, the city has always been famous for its high-rise buildings, but if you take into account how the camera is removed from the shore and the buildings on it are huge, it becomes clear what is so fascinating new York. The sea enters the frame shooting from below, you can see how many tankers and other cargo ships is here, however, boats and yachts also fall into the frame, it is not surprising, residents of the city love to spend time at sea.

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