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New York is a big metropolis in which territory lives more than a million people. He was always fascinated tourists with its architecture and pace of life. Here tend to be successful and this city gives thousands of Americans not only the opportunity to find themselves, to rebuild their lives. Not to say that the city, despite its popularity, is the place of choice during the holiday season, but that doesn't mean that people don't want to know more about him than the stories and personal experience. In the area of new York today installed several web cameras that broadcast the image around the clock in real time. The device delivers the stream to the Internet and each user is free to access can be considered to be covered by a quarter. Review swivel camera at the Manhattan times Square gives the maximum information about the object due to the fact that the images are not from one angle. Web camera for a minute, several times changed their position, so the user has the opportunity to almost completely see the square and not only see but also hear what is happening there. Stream hour and in the evening the picture changes completely. Metropolis after dark, begins to live a different life, illuminate thousands of neon signs that are attractive for tourists. On the territory of the Park is always a lot of people, but if you compare, the rhythm of the day and after dark is different, and you yourself can verify this if you turn on the camera on your computer. Web camera allows you to take a fascinating journey that does not require large expenditures simply to have a good connection and some free time.

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