Webcam New York - A cargo sea port

Веб камера Грузовой морской порт в Нью-Йорке

About webcam "A cargo sea port" in the city New York

Cargo seaport in new York, one of the largest in the world, arrives here every day hundreds of ships with goods from different countries. To see the port early was only possible by embarking on a trip, tourists here do not indulge while work is underway is very irritating and constantly strive to get in trouble. Since technological progress is to serve humanity, we had the opportunity to travel the world without leaving home. Webcams installed worldwide, they broadcast live not only with the attractions of the city, but also more mundane objects. Now you can see what a cargo seaport, watching him enter the court, as is loading and unloading containers. In the frame of installed the web camera enters the sea surface, the vast expanse in front of the city, from where ships sail. The device works in real time, around the clock, but at night it becomes hard to see what is happening, but covered the area after sunset is often idle.

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