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Tampa Bay is a large natural harbor and estuary, which includes Hillsborough, McKay, Middle Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay. The neighborhood is estimated to have 4 million citizens, which makes it a widely used commercial and recreational waterway, but attaches great importance to the Gulf ecosystem, which once seemed wild enough to support a vast indigenous culture. In recent decades, measures have been taken in Tampa Bay to mitigate the environmental impact on people's lives in the Tampa Bay area. Today we can say with certainty that the quality of water has improved. Local marketing and branding efforts (including several professional sports teams, tourist boards and chambers of commerce) usually use the nickname "Tampa Bay", which contributes to the misconception that this is the name of a particular municipality, when it is not. About 6,000 years ago, Tampa Bay was formed as a brackish type of river valley. Over time, an estuary with a wide neck formed connecting it with the Gulf of Mexico. For a long time it was just a fresh lake, possibly fed by a Florida waterway through natural underground springs. The leading theory is that the levels of the rising sea after the last glacial period, combined with the formation of a massive shell near the current mouth of the bay, created a link between the lake and the bay. Tampa Bay is the largest open mouth of Florida, with a length of more than 400 square miles. In the shallow waters of Tampa Bay, the most diverse species of wildlife live. More than 200 fish species, as well as dolphins and manatees, and many species of marine invertebrates, including oysters, scallops, mollusks, shrimps and crabs have been found in the waters of the bay. You can see the hotel on the coast of Tampa Bay thanks to an active web camera. The picture from it comes around the clock, the video is available in real time.

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