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This species was first described as "Aquila pelagica" by the Prussian naturalist Peter Simon Pallas, in 1811. The name of the species is the ancient Greek pelagus "open sea / ocean". The Dutch naturalist Koenrad Jacob Temmik called him the "white winged eagle" in 1824, and Henry von Kittlitz as Emperor Falko in 1832. George Robert Gray transferred this species to the genus Haliaeetus in 1849. The International Ornithological Union (IOC) gave the final official name to the species - the fish eagle. As a result, the bird was named after the German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, he is also known as the fish eagle, the Pacific sea eagle or the white eagle. In Russian, a bird was called a sea eagle (eagle), a motley sea eagle or a Steller's sea eagle. In Japanese it is called ō-washi (a big eagle or a great eagle). See his nest and watch the development in natural conditions can now be through the lens of the installed web camera. At night, shooting is difficult due to lack of light, but in the daytime it is an amazing opportunity to get closer to nature without leaving home. The camera works around the clock, the video works online in real time, which is its undoubted advantage.

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