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It will not be a secret for anyone that only the departing and meeting people are admitted to the airport territory, and no one has access to the airport runway except those who board the plane. From this, the interest of some users is constantly growing towards this modern object of infrastructure and world communication. It is not uncommon for children and even adults to infiltrate the strip unauthorizedly, so some airports decided to install web cameras on their territory. They give the picture around the clock in real time, discouraging users' interest thus protecting themselves and themselves. This broadcast is fed to the network from the airport of the Syracuse runway. Only the strip and the territory around it, no buildings and parking of aircraft fall into the frame. The video is actively online, you can get on boarding or taking off the plane if you watch the picture for a while. There is nothing remarkable about this place, only exactly asphalt road of the required length and an endless field on both sides, but you can use the web camera as an inexhaustible source of information about the weather. Thus, it will certainly benefit.

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