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Despite the fact that the United States is called a city without a face, which can provide users with only options for observing the urban spaces, careful observation can sometimes provide interesting search results. For example, today we have the opportunity to give users the opportunity to watch the University, a view from the South in Syracuse. In principle, the camera is located just opposite the southern entrance and there is nothing special to boast about. If you immediately reacted to our offer, you will have time to personally observe the peak of activity, as in this area is a construction site. It is on it that various reconstruction and new construction works are being carried out. What there erect it is hard to say, but given that the builders go in, is full-fledged reconstruction of the South entrance.

As for the other expanses, we hasten to note that the Central structure of the University falls into the camera lens. Truth, it is quite far and particularly for him not see. But when it is in the midst of studying, then you have a unique opportunity to simply contemplate how many students study there, as they constantly cross the road and are always busy with something. Another interesting side is Parking directly under the camera. Although it does not produce any impressions, but there can be constantly detected activity. Small groups of students who smoke and talk about something constantly. In principle, everything is quite familiar and predictable.

Now you just have to decide to view this camera and try to take advantage of the new spaces for active surveillance. Do not worry, you still feel the atmosphere of the town, however, this time will have to try hard.

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