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In Wilmington, there is always something to do, there are a lot of museums, music centers, restaurants and much more, including a rich underwater world in the open ocean, which attracts many tourists every year from all over the world. You can see the world of the underwater kingdom now and through the lens of the webcam, which works around the clock in real time. A picture is available online to anyone who wants to, regardless of geography. It's safe to say that North Carolina is for people of all ages and interests. A tour of Wilmington on a trolley, boat or on foot, let you know more about this fascinating city. Enjoy the 25 best sights in Wilmington. Enjoy hidden treasures when you spend time along the coast of North Carolina. Step back in time, and the story comes to life through stories and photographs on board an American warship. Discover the underwater attractions and sounds in the Fort Fisher aquarium, explore the houses and museums in the historic center of Wilmington. Pamper yourself with the sun on the magnificent beaches of Wilmington, dine in the delightful restaurants. The Fort Fisher aquarium gives you the chance to touch the starfish, meet the sea turtle, visit the stingrays, meet face to face with the alligators. It is here that Luna lives - a rare albino alligator. The Fort Fisher Aquarium is just 15 minutes' drive from Wilmington city center.

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