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In Egypt many attractive recreational beaches, which thousands of tourists annually. People come here from different countries and continents, Egypt has always been able to offer tourists more and local cuisine and a huge variety of things, not all, pure water is bright blue and white sand, this is what you can only dream of in the cold winter. To see the workload of some beaches in different seasons can today and not leaving the house, it's enough to have at hand a device for reproducing a video signal and a good connection to the Internet. The beach of coral Bay is actively using established there webcam, this stream is the best present before you the site. Webcam working around the clock in the online mode, the player can zoom in on the computer, then the picture becomes more visible the coastline and the cleanliness of the sea. Some users use the stream to find out real time weather conditions at the beach or the number of guests. The shot misses by a narrow strip of coast, where tourists come with their beds. If a little closer look at the picture, it becomes clear that the descent to the sea here is perfect, so gentle it is suitable for children. A bit of greenery from the local vegetation, which vividly contrasts with the white sand and turquoise water and you have the perfect place for a holiday. Choosing the place where to go on vacation, do not be lazy and browse the stream of the day, at night the beach is illuminated, and the camera has no night mode, so it will be of little use. To activate a video at any time, regardless of what in the world you are right now, main thing is to have a quality connection to the Internet.

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